Irrigation System Installation

system reovationsOur timeliness and professionalism help us meet the expectations of our customers. This, along with a continuing effort to use the most reliable products, keeps us at the top of the referral list. We devote an inordinate amount of attention to the details of micro-climates (shade, sun, shrubs, lawn, slope, etc.) that develop on site. This keeps our customers’ water bills lower than many of our competitors. We offer different levels of water-efficient systems for each project. This helps our customers think about the future cost of water, in addition to the immediate capital outlay for a top-notch system.

When comparing the prices of our systems to our competitors, we can appear to be more expensive. However, as our customers attest, we are a better investment. Our exceptional customer service, commitment to keeping water bills low and great warranties give us the edge. After all, it’s not only what products are used or how many, but how they are applied that makes the difference.

One way we have successfully separated ourselves from the competition is through our unconditional warranty – one year on labor and two years on parts. We added an extra year to the warranty when the products themselves only offered a one-year warranty.

All of our proposals include an upgrade to pressure-regulated spray heads. These heads are water-saving devices. They keep the head within its nominal pressure operating range, which in turn saves water on your project.

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I don't make a practice of writing letters to all with whom I do business, but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I want to write this one to commend you for the excellent work you did in the planning and installation of our sprinkler system.
J. O. Bass