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Aqueduct Irrigation offers a variety of services, including:

Annual Maintenance Agreement

We were among the first in Nashville to offer an optional "Monthly Maintenance Agreement".

This program allows for automatic spring start-ups and winterizations of your irrigation system. This popular program is perfect for those that travel frequently or are otherwise too busy to remember to handle the routine system maintenance at the appropriate times. In addition, this regularly scheduled service keeps your system in top-notch performance operation, maintaining water efficiency and lowering your operating costs. Contact us for a free quote on this option or any of our other five optional contracts.

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Backflow Preventer Testing and Repairs

Aqueduct currently has state-certified technicians available to perform all testing and repairs as needed. We are currently working with local water departments to provide a program for these services in an organized and cost-effective manner. Please feel free to contact us for more details on our cross connection control procedures.

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Drainage Systems

Let us help with piping excessive surface water away from your home, driveway, patio or a low spot in the yard. We can install catch basins and pipe off your gutter downspouts. We use SDR-35 PVC (Hard Pipe). This type of pipe is recommended for long-term solutions. We also offer other solutions for removing all contributing factors to any water problems you may be experiencing.

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Irrigation and Pump Service


Currently repairing all major brands

We adhere to only the highest standards. This leads us to employ highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable technicians. This is augmented by our ongoing, company-wide education program. This affirms that you're getting only the best technicians who have met our expectations.

Most companies will charge you a tempting price per hour in order to get your business. Then, they take longer to do the work in order to make up the daily route billing it takes to keep a truck and an employee on the road. We bill you by the hour for technicians who can perform the work in less time and give you the benefit of the most current techniques, products and skills. And remember, our technicians are supported by employee depth and experience unmatched by any of our competitors.

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Irrigation System Installation


Our timeliness and professionalism help us meet the expectations of our customers. This, along with a continuing effort to use the most reliable products, keeps us at the top of the referral list. We devote an inordinate amount of attention to the details of micro-climates (shade, sun, shrubs, lawn, slope, etc.) that develop on site. This keeps our customers' water bills lower than many of our competitors. We offer different levels of water-efficient systems for each project. This helps our customers think about the future cost of water, in addition to the immediate capital outlay for a top-notch system.

When comparing the prices of our systems to our competitors, we can appear to be more expensive. However, as our customers attest, we are a better investment. Our exceptional customer service, commitment to keeping water bills low and great warranties give us the edge. After all, it's not only what products are used or how many, but the ways they are applied that makes the difference.

One way we have successfully separated ourselves from the competition is through our unconditional two-year warranty. We added an extra year to the warranty when the products themselves only offered a one-year warranty.

All of our proposals include an upgrade to pressure-regulated spray heads. These heads are water-saving devices. They keep the head within its nominal pressure operating range, which in turn saves water on your project.

Contact us for a free estimate on your project and allow us to show you the difference.

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System Renovations/Improvements

Our service department can perform a system analysis that can identify changes and improvements that will increase the efficiency of your existing system. Many homeowners and commercial property owners benefit substantially from this service, whether adding a rain sensor, replacing leaky heads or valves, or adding a new zone. We're very aware of the costs of water today and strive to design (or improve) systems that minimize the waste of this resource.

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Water-Saving Alternatives


New Products

We are now offering a new controller that adjusts watering for your property as the season changes. This product receives updated weather information and adjusts the controller accordingly. This controller pays for itself by saving 20 to 50 percent on your water bill. No more under or over watering! Install today and begin saving tomorrow!

Rain Bird 1800: Pressure Regulating Spray Heads

While many contractors use the standard Rain Bird 1800-spray head, we only install the 1800 PRS version, which maintains a constant 30-psi outlet pressure. This eliminates misting and fogging, thus saving a tremendous amount of water.

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We also install drip irrigation for planting beds and raised beds and pots.

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