About Us


Founded in 1988 by William Holt, Aqueduct Irrigation is Nashville’s premier provider of high-efficiency landscape irrigation. Decades later, Aqueduct is firmly established as an industry leader and one of the most referred irrigation contractors in the area. Our professional-grade products combined with flawless workmanship and dedication to exceptional customer service make Aqueduct systems one of the best investments you can make for your lawn and plants.

We service all major brands of irrigation systems including those installed by another contractor.


When Aqueduct Irrigation founder, William Holt, realized his irrigation clients were unsatisfied with their exterior lighting systems and providers, he created a solution for them. Southern Light was founded in 1993 and quickly distinguished itself as a leading contractor in the business. Today Southern Light is proudly established as one of the most referred architectural and landscape lighting companies in Nashville.

A beautiful home at dusk with outdoor lights illuminating architecture and landscape.

path lighting and uprights accent a residential landscape's outdoor spaces.

Outdoor lights illuminating a retaining wall in a residential landscape.

A small outdoor landscape light illuminates the appearance of small shrubs and flowers.

Landscape light fixture lighting an outdoor planter.

String lights illuminate trees around a swimming pool in a backyard.