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The Aqueduct Advantage

Professionals who respect your time, your property, and your wallet. Our dependability and expertise coupled with the use of the industry’s most reliable products keeps us at the top of Nashville’s referral list.

We partner with the industry’s leading brands to bring you the best of the best water-saving technologies and products. Some parts even pay for themselves by saving 20 to 50% on the cost of watering.

Install an Aqueduct Irrigation system today and start saving tomorrow.

pressure-regulated spray heads

Standard on Aqueduct systems, these spray heads eliminate misting and fogging ensuring water reaches your lawn and plants and doesn’t blow away or evaporate in the Tennessee heat. This ensures your lawn is receiving the correct amount of water and lowers costs by reducing water waste.

drip irrigation

When precise water placement is critical, drip or microirrigation is key. Drip systems deliver water at the base of the plant. Not only is this more efficient for areas like greenhouses or container gardens, but it reduces the amount of water on leaves and stems which could otherwise lead to mold, mildew, or other disease.

system controllers

Available in a variety of forms from “Smart” wi-fi or cellular to manual, controllers allow for watering schedules and eliminate the need to turn systems on and off each day. Modern controllers can even connect with sensors that adjust sprinkler run time based on local weather conditions further reducing water waste.

Aqueduct Irrigation relax

1. save water. Save time. save money.

Eliminate the guesswork of hand watering and let an Aqueduct sprinkler system apply precise amounts of water when and where it’s needed. The days of over or under watering are over. Reclaim the time spent dragging a hose around your yard. Let an irrigation system water for you while you sit back and enjoy your beautiful outdoor spaces.

A high-efficiency Aqueduct irrigation system can reduce watering costs by 40% or more.

2. improve your lawn’s health and drought tolerance.

Aqueduct irrigation systems are tailored specifically for your landscape’s micro-climate utilizing different types of watering for each area’s needs. Drip irrigation reduces over-watering and reduces the risk of disease and pests.

Correct watering prevents vital soil nutrients from being washed away giving your lawn and plants a better chance of staying healthy.

Aqueduct sprinkler systems keep your lawn and plants hydrated, reducing the loss caused by Middle Tennessee’s increased droughts and water scarcity.

3. increase your home’s value.

Aqueduct’s high-efficiency, contractor-grade systems add immediate value to your home upon installation. A lush, green lawn and thriving flower beds add visual appeal and are a big plus should you ever decide to sell your home. 

Irrigation spraying green grass

The Benefits of Pressure Regulated Sprays

Our friends at Hunter Industries delve into the science of saving with pressure regulated spray heads.

“Let’s look at a typical example of a 10-head spray zone with four quarter-circle sprinklers and six half-circle sprinklers. Running at 30 PSI would put the flow at about 15 gallons per minute, and if it ran at 50 PSI, the flow would be over 19 gallons per minute. That might not sound like much, but if that zone runs two 10-minute cycles per day, three days per week, it adds up to over 260 gallons per week of unintended watering. Over a 28-week irrigation season, you could see over 7 thousand gallons of water wasted.”

Phil Robisch CLIA, CID, CWCM-L, LEED AP, Product Technical Support Manager for Hunter Industries
Aqueduct Irrigation system controller

Control water the smart way

While a variety of controllers are available on Aqueduct Irrigation systems, “smart” controllers are gaining in popularity and features. The addition of weather sensing technologies assists homeowners in eliminating the guesswork surrounding how much and when to water.

“There are a lot of rain-sensing devices on the market today, but all of them shut off an irrigation system only when a pre-set level of accumulated water is reached. That means that even after it has started raining, an irrigation system can continue to operate, an action that can give the impression water is being wasted (not the image that a municipality wants to give its constituents as they pass by parks, roadways, and other city-owned lands). Only the Hunter Rain-Clik products, with their unique Quick Response feature, allow an irrigation system to shut off immediately when it starts to rain.”

Hunter Industries
Aqueduct Irrigation drip system

Protect your wallet and the environment with drip (micro) irrigation

According to the EPA, the average American home uses 30% of its total water outdoors. That number goes even higher in dryer regions of the country. Some 50% of that outdoor water can be lost to to wind, runoff, or evaporation. Drip or micro irrigation systems reduce the amount of water used and lost significantly benefitting both the homeowner and the environment.

“Research indicates that microirrigation systems use between 20 to 50 percent less water than conventional spray sprinkler systems…With microirrigation, bare areas of soil or mulch between plants are not irrigated, which not only saves water, but reduces weed growth. Since water does not pool and the landscape is healthier, the need for added herbicides or pesticides decreases. Finally, these systems help protect local water bodies such as streams, lakes, and rivers, because they reduce runoff…”

Source: “Saving Water With Microirrigation: A Homeowner Guide”, United States Environmental Protection Agency