Ditch Digging & Trenching Services

Leave the demanding task of ditch digging and trenching to the experts at Aqueduct / Southern Light. From laying pipe systems or electrical conduits to water and sewer lines or complex cabling installations, our comprehensive digging and trenching service has you covered. We are equipped to table projects of any scale, delivering precise results promptly and efficiently.
The Aqueduct / Southern Light crew has extensive experience digging in Middle Tennessee and can expertly handle challenging elements like tree roots and rocky terrain, compacted soil, and other issues that might obstruct or delay those with less experience.
Your property’s unique topography requires a specific approach. Hard or rocky soil and any grade or slope plays a major role in the types of equipment and techniques used when trenching. Utility lines and potential groundwater locations must be identified. We’ll contact Tennessee 811 to mark underground utilities. Our wealth of knowledge about common problems and obstacles that can arise during digging enables to quickly identify solutions and provide the optimal method and equipment necessary for your job to be completed expertly and efficiently.

Getting Ready for a Digging or Trenching Project?

Aqueduct / Southern Light provides trenching, digging, and laying of conduit services. Any plumbing or electrical or other tie-ins must be performed by your own licensed professional contractors.

Nashville Trencher Rental vs Hiring the Experts at Aqueduct / Southern Light

Wondering if you should hire an expert or rent a trencher and do the work yourself? You’re not alone. Many homeowners and contractors consider renting digging or trenching equipment from a local retail store. What initially sounds like a practical solution often ends up being inefficient and can even cost more than hiring a professional.

That’s why so many Middle Tennessee property owners and contractors look to Aqueduct / Southern Light to execute their ditch digging and trenching projects.

What makes hiring Aqueduct / Southern Light the better choice for your ditch digging or trenching service?

  • Equipment Capability

    Not all trenchers are created equally. As a rule, the trenching machines you can rent from stores are less capable than those used by professional contractors. A lot of stores rent off-brand equipment that possess only a fraction of the power of their premium relatives. Don’t end up with a machine that will barely make it through your first layer of ground. At Aqueduct / Southern Light, we use a variety of trenching techniques and equipment to quickly and safely carve out your project.

  • Equipment Adaptability

    Many rental machines need to be physically moved to create corners or turn in the opposite direction. The struggle to maneuver the machine frequently results in added dig time and aggravation. Aqueduct / Southern Light’s trenching equipment moves independently and avoids the headache and inefficiency of having to manually relocate heavy equipment for corners and turns.

  • Safety

    Many rental machines sit very low to the ground and don’t feature reversible digging chains. A single rock – even one that’s only slighter larger than a softball – can jam or block the machine. This requires you to manually dislodge the rock. This can easily lead to human injury or damage to the machine.

  • Manual Labor

    If your project is located in an area that simply won’t allow heavy equipment, you’ll need to manually dig. Save your back and your time by hiring the Aqueduct / Southern Light team. Our experts will take care of all that digging for you.

Trust the pros at Aqueduct / Southern Light to handle your next trenching project. Our years of experience serving residential and commercial property owners, managers and contractors results in time and money saved along with the assurance your project will be completed quickly, cleanly and safely.