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Aqueduct’s repair technicians are practically sprinkler wizards, able to quickly diagnose, repair and return your system to peak operating efficiency. From spring activation to winterization and everything in between, we have your irrigation answers.

Your lawn, your way. Whether you need to upgrade an older sprinkler system or add to or change your existing system, our experts are here to help.

We’ve been helping local home and business owners improve the health and appearance of their landscapes since 1988. Save up to 40% on the cost of watering with a sprinkler system designed, installed and maintained by Aqueduct.

Leave the demanding task of ditch or trench digging to the experts at Aqueduct / Southern Light.

A well-maintained sprinkler system is a vital component of your landscape and Aqueduct Irrigation’s maintenance agreements ensure your system is functioning properly all season long.

If your water pressure is weak, inconsistent or full of sediment or air, it may be time to call on our skilled technicians to come out and take a look at your irrigation pump.

Let the experts at Southern Light design a custom architectural and landscape lighting system that protects and highlights your home and landscape. Existing system need service or repair? We do that too.

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